A territory and its wonders

How the Livorno land organizes itself at its best
to welcome all those who wish to discover its treasures,
and to those who, while living in Livorno, want to experience all of its unique wonders...
and possibly more.…

A city that becomes a place to live, to taste and to export,
thanks to its port, a bridge to the world.


An exiting and innovative project.

The challenge of two women
In love with their city
Who want to make you  discover
A wonderland … LIVORNO
Open to the world
A place of gentle breezes and strong passions
Of enchanted woods and stormy sea
A city to explore, to taste …
To live together

…The tortured soul dreams of sinking,
deep into the mermaid eyes, green like absinthe
that the night shines on the sea in the harbors,
sang that sailor who didn’t want to set sail from my land,
one way trip with no return,
beautiful Livorno, here I stay…

FROM «Madame Sitrì» Bobo Rondelli

We developed the...
MADE in Economy

Livorno IS NOT only…a dock on the way to Sardinia, a port for Corsica, a stopover to explore other cities.
Livorno IS a city with a thousand facets, a thousand contradictions.
Livorno IS made up of a complex history of pirates and merchants, of satire and politics, of seafood and game, of olive trees and fishnets, of flat rocks and enchanted woods where boars look for truffles.
Livorno IS strong passions and the “Libeccio” wind, fascinating canals and paths that lead to breathtaking views, a gastronomic tradition that has fascinated the world with its colors and flavors.

OUR MISSION is to give you the chance to discover them through A NEW CONCEPT:


Discover what we’re going to do,
what we’re actually doing
what we will do
… Three different routes of the same great adventure


A collection thought of and built around the use of highly valuable resources; from the use of eco-friendly materials to the enhancement of the natural resources already existing in the territory itself; from the artwork of local artists that become the main protagonists of the objects, which are thought of and created for all different tastes in tourism….. The biggest wish? That they may become unique kinds of collections yearned for year after year in order to create that wonderful memory that the city of Livorno leaves in everyone’s heart and soul… Collections that each year will change their theme and colors in order to always offer new backgrounds for our land.


Leaving an object has an undoubtable emotional and symbolic value, but leaving an experience has no match. Creating unforgettable experiences regenerates the spirit of the person who goes through the experience itself, and in this way the memory of it becomes eternal. We have thought of different kinds of experiences for you; experiences that will be able to enhance everything that already exists. The secret lies in the choice of the right partners, partners of excellence that each day promote and celebrate the greatness of our land through their work.

Traditional Food


Our project is innovative and has with many great ambitions, it is still a work in progress that will see the light in 2019..

Who we are


We started from there to create an innovative project of city branding, which brings our skills to the forefront: organizational skills, cultural promotion, entrepreneurial skills, food, experimentation, creativity… an inability to stay still, a curiosity about the world and a curiosity about what happens in it.

Barbara Baudissard


Piemontese by birth but Livornese by adoption, she plans experiences to generate changes in the organizational spaces of multinational corporations around the world.

But it is Livorno she always comes back to, and it is Livorno that she thinks about for long term projects, respecting what there is already and lovingly planning what may be.

Alessandra Guidi


A native Livornese, although she spends a lot of her time in Pisa because of her work.
She has turned her passion for food into a profession by becoming an expert in operating systems for food safety.

Her work has lead her to acquaint herself with the remotest corners of the planet, but it is Livorno that she writes about in her novels, and it is to Livorno that she dedicates this new bet for the future.

They are contributing to our adventure

Romano Cheli

Wood Artist

Assia Di Giorgi


6 Emme Studio

Design & Web

Alessandra Mangione


Like all narrations, many are the characters and many are the stories, many the emotions and many the adventures.
A project of virtuous economy whereeach actor becomes the main character of this adventure.
The goal is to build an integrated and sustainable system in which all of the local resources are taken from the territory
in order to give our city back its valor.

What's New

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